Dental Services


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To ensure your optimal oral and dental health, every exam consists of:

  1. An extra oral examination of the head and neck.
  2. An intra oral examination of hard and soft tissues.
  3. A radiographic examination screening for cysts, tumors, abscesses, infection, bone levels,   tooth positions, abnormalities, and decay.
  4. A cancer screening for cysts, tumors, and other pathologies.
  5. A periodontal examination (gums) of gingival health and disease, bone and tissue levels.
  6. A tooth evaluation for decay, the state of current restorations, missing dentition, and infection.
  7. A cleaning for plaque and tartar removal, tooth polishing and stain removal.
  8. Oral hygiene instruction i.e. brushing and flossing, home care and maintenance.
  9. Verifying the need for sealants and fluoride treatments.


Sealants are recommended for all children with permanent molars to help prevent cavities.  It is a simple procedure that does not require any numbing.  A protective coating is flowed into the grooves on the biting surfaces of the permanent molars “sealing out” the bacteria that may cause cavities.