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Sports dentistry

Unfortunately, sports related injuries to the mouth and face are a common occurrence.  Traditionally, mouth guards were worn in an effort to prevent damage to teeth, but today’s athletic mouth guards not only protect the teeth, but have shown to reduce forces that can lead to concussions, neck injuries and cerebral trauma.

To name but a few, persons involved in athletic activities such as ice hockey, football, soccer, martial arts, and boxing should be using an athletic mouth guard.

At Bükal, we will design and create a custom athletic mouth guard that will fit your mouth comfortably, will not impair breathing, and will allow for normal speech.  The ready made store bought mouth guards usually lack one or more of these important features and are not recommended.

At Bükal, we will take the time to properly show you how to wear, clean and store your athletic mouth guard.  It should be kept moist to maintain its flexibility and resilience.  After use, it should be brushed with a toothbrush, rinsed, and stored in a container.  Exposure to heat or pressure may deform the athletic appliance.  Usually, athletic mouth guards will need to be replaced every 2 years.